The 3 Most Common Household Drain Clogs

The 3 Most Common Household Drain Clogs

The 3 Most Common Household Drain Clogs

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There are few hassles worse than stepping into your shower and noticing the water failing to drain. To make matters worse, the standing water can stain your tub and cause leakage. Wouldn’t it be ideal to avoid this issue altogether? We must become conscious of what we’re putting in our pipes, from the toilet to tub, all the way to the kitchen sink. Some common clog culprits include:

  • Bathroom Clogs – In your showers, tubs and bathroom sinks, the most common issue that takes place is dirt, skin flakes and hair combining with soap scum to create major clogging.
  • Clogged Toilets – A little different than your typical clog, this is usually a byproduct of putting things in your toilet that do not belong there. Some common items responsible are: feminine hygiene products, cotton-tipped swabs, dental floss and pre-moistened diaper wipes.
  • Kitchen Sink Clogs – This can range from cooking grease to foods that expand, to veggie peels and large amounts of leftovers.

Some of these items may ring a bell – not to worry. TruFusion™ drain care has you covered.

For bathroom sink, tub, and shower clogs the PowerPlay Grease + Hair Clog Buster is the perfect solution. The formulation breaks through hair, organic matter and even soap scum with 2X the concentrate than leading bleach products.

For clogged toilets TruFusion™ offers FlushWorthy™ Toilet Care Powder formulated to eat away buildup from toilet paper and organic waste. This product is also great to use for monthly maintenance to avoid any serious buildup. If items other than paper or organic waste are flushed down the toilet then it may be necessary to call a plumber. FlushWorthy™ Toilet Care Powder will not dissolve solid items, only toilet paper and organic waste.

If you don’t have to worry about a septic tank, kitchen sink clogs can be dissolved with the PowerPlay™ Pro-Strength Drain Opener that works quickly on food, grease, and soap scum buildup. If you do have a septic tank, the WashOut™ Build-Up Remover is a safe alternative for all septic tanks and city sewers. The bacteria and enzyme blend eats away a variety of buildup ranging from organic matter and soap scum to food and grease.

Some home drain clogs can feel like industrial-size problems and the TruFusion™ drain care line is strong enough to cut through the toughest clogs anywhere in your home.