New Year Drain Recovery After the Holidays

New Year Drain Recovery After the Holidays

New Year Drain Recovery After the Holidays

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The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but they are also pretty taxing on your plumbing and drainage systems. As guests are constantly coming in and out of home, utilizing your sink, toilet, and even shower – it can negatively impact your garbage disposal and pipes leading to potential damage such as clogs, pipe backups, and leaks. Just as you may need a long nap after a crazy holiday season, plumbing needs to recover too.

Luckily, here are some ways to refresh your plumbing in the New Year.

First, before the holiday season begins, inspect your plumbing system. Check for any new cracks, stains, leaks, or clogs that may exist. Run the disposal system and listen for unusual noise. Also, run the faucets in all drains to test proper functionality. If you notice abnormalities, you will be able to catch them and ultimately fix them before it gets out of hand.

Even though you likely gave all of your holiday guests brief drain protection tips, they probably did not all listen. We suggest cleaning out your garbage disposal systems, a fairly simple task, and one of the easiest things you can do to prevent a plumbing disaster. Follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, disconnect the disposal power supply.
  • Next, use a flashlight to identify objects that do not belong in the disposal. 
  • If the waste is reachable, use a set of tongs to reach in and remove it from the drain. For safety reasons, do not ever stick your hand down the disposal, even if unplugged. 
  • If the clog is seemingly further down the drain, we recommend using a drain cleaning solution to break down the clog. Thankfully, Trufusion has your back! 

At Trufusion, we offer a variety of high-quality drain products developed with instant action technology combined with premium ingredients designed to blast through clogs and pipe build-up to maintain free-flowing pipes and a healthy plumbing system! Our line of PowerPlay products is the perfect solution to clearing out clogs and pipe build-up. 

PowerPlay Grease + Hair Clog Buster destroys tough clogs caused by grease, hair, food, and organic matter. The Grease + Hair Clog Buster is formulated for optimal strength to clear clogs in as little as 10 minutes. The solution contains ingredients that are 2x more concentrated than leading bleach products cutting through standing water & tough clogs. 

For industrial and residential drains, PowerPlay Pro-Strength destroys clogs that occur in sinks, tub drains, and shower drains through a fast-acting 2X concentrated pro-grade formula.  

For the most effective results, use our recommended 3 step process. 

  • Pour Powerplay into the drain
  • Wait for Powerplay to clear drain way
  • Flush with warm water 

As the toilet is often the most used room during the holidays, it is suspected to face issues such as clogs, leaks, and slow flow drainage. 

Avoid septic back-ups with Trufusion CareFree Septic Treatment. Designed with a uniquely formulated blend of digestive biological enzymes, CareFree Septic Treatment breaks down household waste and paper. The healthy natural bacterial enzymes eat away existing build-up, and when used as monthly maintenance, it ensures a healthy septic system. CareFree is a safer alternative to harsh chemicals and is safe for all septic, city sewage, and plumbing systems.

Lastly, give your plumbing hardware exterior a thorough cleaning to prolong their life and look top-notch for the year to come!