Explore our wide range of products from drain opener chemical to enzyme drain cleaner to tackle a range of drain problems and help you cut through the toughest clogs anywhere in your home. Our seven-product TruFusion portfolio gives you the right tools to successfully tackle draining issues in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, or laundry room. The result, – your drain is working without the disruption all through the year.

Features of our product line

  • done_allPenetrating formula: The powerful formula penetrates through years of build up.
  • done_allExtremely safe: The potent formula is gentle on your pipes and is safe to use including city sewer and septic systems.
  • done_allLong-lasting results: Its unique formula continues to work even after the first use and helps to erode daily build-ups.
  • done_allDissolves the strongest clogs: The premium blend eats away clogs due to hair, grease, paper, organic matter, food, and soap scum.