How to Use a Drain Cleaner in 5 Steps

How to Use a Drain Cleaner in 5 Steps

How to Use a Drain Cleaner in 5 Steps

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It’s bound to happen at some point. The drain in your shower, bathtub, garbage disposal, bathroom or kitchen sink becomes sluggish, or worse…clogged. Thankfully, there’s no need to panic. You won’t have to spend a lot of money or time to get it fixed. With the right shower drain cleaner, you can quickly get rid of the blockage, and the debris causing it, allowing you to get back to much more enjoyable things. A good sink drain cleaner will effectively fix the issue, allowing water to smoothly and quickly move through your drain.

Drain cleaners are specialty products formulated to specifically dissolve debris in your drains that cause blockages to occur. Some are even powerful enough to remove blockages and debris from the drainage pipes. Many are easily found and commercially available at supermarkets and big box stores, but the best ones are from online manufacturers who specialize in high strength, top quality drain openers with unique formulations.

Drain cleaners are available in a range of types, and some are specific to the kind of drain that needs unclogging. From a kitchen sink to a toilet to cleaning a shower drain, you can easily find the type that suits your needs. These drain cleaners can be solids or caustic liquids, enzymatic cleaners, or acidic liquids. When basic remedies, like boiling water, don’t work your best option is to use a drain cleaner specifically formulated for that purpose. Calling a plumber should be your last resort.x

To get the best results, you need to be certain that you use the drain care product correctly. We’ve listed the 5 steps below:

Select the right drain cleaner and pour it down the drain.
There are types of drain cleaners that are meant for one type of drain, but not another. The TruFusion POWERPLAY Pro-Strength Drain Opener for instance, is safe for use in sinks, tubs and showers, but NOT in toilets, urinals or garbage disposals. TruFusion WASHOUT Build-Up Remover on the other hand, can be used in all drain types.
Once you decide on the type of cleaner you need, simply pour it down the drain. Be sure to remove the drain stopper before pouring it in so the drain cleaner will not damage it or cause it to corrode.

Let the drain opener chemical do its work for about 10 minutes. Do not use a plunger. In fact, it is not recommended to use a drain cleaner with a plunger at all.

Flush or wash it down.
Use warm water (not boiling or hot) to flush it down.

Sometimes if there is a major blockage, the drain opener or cleaner may not work right away with just one application. Repeat the steps above if necessary.

Always use drain cleaners safely.
ONLY use a drain cleaner in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation and specifications. You should avoid smelling it or getting it near or in your eyes. Avoid contact with your skin. Wearing thick, long rubber gloves is a smart idea and is recommended.

One of the MOST important things to remember is that you should NEVER mix different types of drain cleaners together, or add any other type of chemical like bleach or ammonia to it. Not only can this neutralize their effect, but can also result in dangerous, or even deadly, chemical reactions. It’s important to remember that you are using chemicals and should apply and handle them in a safe and responsible manner.

By following the steps above when using a garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer, drain opener, or drain cleaner you can safely and effectively unclog drains without the need for professional help.

Drain care is home maintenance essential, and clogging can be a constant battle. Our TruFusion PowerPlay product line offers four powerful options tailored for clearing clogged drains in any home. Visit our website today to learn more.