Do I Need to Add Bacteria to My Septic Tank?

Do I Need to Add Bacteria to My Septic Tank?

Do I Need to Add Bacteria to My Septic Tank?

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In order for your home’s plumbing system to keep performing at its best, you need to care for your septic system. Septic treatment is essential to keeping your septic tank system in good working condition. With the right solution, you can provide the right wastewater treatment to your septic system. Household wastewater contains disease-causing bacteria. If a septic system is well-maintained and working properly, it will contain a collection of living organisms that digest and treat household waste. Insufficiently treated sewage from septic systems can cause groundwater contamination and poses the risk of contaminating nearby surface waters.

Never pour chemical drain openers, cooking oil, grease, oil-based paints, solvents, or large volumes of toxic cleaners down the drain. These chemicals and oil-based liquids kill the natural organisms and harm your septic system, causing it to clog and cause the septic tank system to wear down easily. Adding natural enzymes and bacteria to the septic tank is the best alternative to a more natural and safer way to clean the system. Natural biological enzymes can come in a liquid or powder form and can easily be poured down your household drains like a liquid drain cleaner into slow-draining toilets, slow-running drains, and sluggish garbage disposals.

Why bacteria?

Chemical drain and septic tank cleaners may be fast and effective at cleaning drain pipes, but they can cause damage in the long run. Their strong formulation can even release fumes with adverse effects on the septic system. To prolong the lifespan of the septic tank and pipes leading to it, consider relying on natural cleaning methods. Some of these apply the use of bacteria cultures that activate when they come in contact with organic substances. This means they eat away the substances that may be present in the pipes and in your septic system, waste, mold, mildew, and food particles.

How it works 

A good septic tank treatment is formulated to eat away paper, soap scum, organic matter, grease, and hair. Consider a product that has dual-action enzymes and natural bacteria for faster results and to make sure that it can effectively break down typical organic materials. The bacteria and biological enzymes can also stay in the septic tank to continuously support the system and keep it healthy. CareFree™ Septic Treatment is an example of a good product that can work for an array of issues, like sluggish toilets, drains, and garbage disposal units.

How to use

For best results, apply CareFree™ septic tank treatment once a month. This should ensure that there is good bacteria and enzymes in the tank to keep it healthy and prevent expensive disasters. A good product is easy to use, but be sure to read instructions for specific applications, so it will work efficiently.

 There are certain precautions you must know when using this type of product:

  • Never use boiling water
  • Do not combine with other chemical drain products, such as bleach, ammonia, and disinfectants, as these could deactivate the bacteria and enzymes
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after application

If you need effective septic tank treatment products then you can’t go wrong with TruFusion’s CareFree™ Septic Treatment. It is safe to use in toilets, showers, tubs, and sinks.