Do Bubble Baths Clog Drains?

Do Bubble Baths Clog Drains?

Do Bubble Baths Clog Drains?

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Who doesn’t love a long bubble bath after a hard day at work? Warm baths create an atmosphere of opulence and luxury. The soothing scent of bath salts, luxurious bath oils, and warm water—can help us relax and rejuvenate after a tiring day, helping to forget about the day’s worries. Adding a fizzy, colorful, sparkly bath bomb to your tub can truly transform your humble bathroom into a sweet-scented, stress-relieving spa.

Unfortunately, when it comes to your plumbing, your luxurious bath ritual might be doing more harm than good. Salts, bath bombs, and oils can cause issues if you’re not careful, such as a slow draining tub or clogged bathtub drain.

Partially dissolved bath salts can collect in your drain, and mix with hair and other debris causing major clogs. The same goes for other elements in your bath bombs – flower petals, glitter, and confetti. In fact, oils will congeal when cold, leading to clogs.

Fortunately, using the right products can help you keep the nasties away from your drain and keep your drains free-flowing. If you’re using your bath bombs responsibly, you can enjoy bath bombs regularly without creating issues for your drainage system.

Clean out the drain regularly

If you’ve been taking bubble baths regularly, it may be time to break up an existing drain clog. Before using your next bath bomb, thoroughly flush the drain using a powerful drain cleaner. Do remember that routine prevention and drain maintenance can ensure proper tub drainage. Once every month, use TruFusion’s drain care bacteria treatment to keep drains clean and clear.

TruFusion’s Pro-Strength Drain Opener is specifically formulated to  help you clear all the debris that may have been collecting in your drain.  For regular treatment, use Washout Build-Up Remover, which uses a dual formula of biologicals and natural enzymes to eat away buildup due to hair, grease, and paper, to protect your home’s drains long term.

Use a Bathtub Hair Catcher

In addition to using TruFusion products to break through existing clogs, using a Bathtub Hair Catcher will keep large particles from entering the drain.  When you use a bath bomb or bath oil, try using a barrier to keep the ingredients from flushing down your drain. 

Danco, TruFusion’s parent company, offers a range of hair catchers to protect your tub and minimize clogging. If your tub has a fully removable tub stopper, consider placing the Hair Catcher Bathroom Tub Strainer  inside the drain to catch the debris and glitter as your bath water drains. Another option is the Danco Tub Mesh Strainer, which will trap unwanted bath bomb elements while allowing water to pass through keeping the drain flowing freely.

If your bath water is draining while you’re soaking, the Danco 2-in-1 Bathtub Hair Catcher and Stopper may be just right for you. It  will stop water flow while you’re bathing and catch debris from bath bombs when you’re done.

These hair catchers will allow the good ingredients to disperse in your bath water while keeping the clog-forming elements contained.