5 Tips on Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink and Garbage Disposal

5 Tips on Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink and Garbage Disposal

5 Tips on Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink and Garbage Disposal

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Is your kitchen the heart of your home? Then it’s probably time to give your sink a deep clean and some TLC. After all, it deals with greasy messes, sauce stains, coffee grinds, raw meat, and so much more on a daily basis. It definitely needs a good hose down with a reliable sink cleaner. And while you’re at it, you might as well clean and clear a clogged drain, too. Here are some tips on doing exactly that:

1. Use powerful products
With all that soap and water that flows through your sink, you might think it’s perpetually clean. Well, it isn’t. All kinds of things—from soap deposits to food stains and even rust—can build up over time. Need to clear a clogged or a slow-running drain? You can count on TruFusions’s PowerPlay product line. Get the PowerPlay Rapid Clog Remover to break down clogs easily and quickly. It is formulated to start working in less than 10 minutes. Don’t want to store chemicals in your home? You may want to try the PowerPlay Fast Acting Drain Opener for a one-time solution.

2. Wipe your sink daily
A quick daily wipe up can go a long way in keeping your sink sanitary over the long term. This is even more important if you regularly wash potatoes or raw meat. Keep microorganisms at bay by washing and disinfecting the bottom and sides.

3. Don’t neglect your garbage disposal
Use a powerful drain care maintenance product that can aggressively remove years of pipe buildup especially if you haven’t cleaned your garbage disposal in a while. Make sure that the product is septic safe (made of 100% non-pathogenic ingredients). The best ones can prevent odors and can remove buildup due to grease, paper, hair, organic matter, soap scum, and food. Washout Build-Up Remover by TruFusion is a garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer that does all this and more.

4. Wash your cleaning cloths and sponges in hot water
This will kill most germs and prevent their spread. You can also use paper towels when possible to contamination.

5. Always wear gloves
It’s important to wear rubber gloves when cleaning your kitchen sink and garbage disposal. They create barriers to protect your skin from being exposed to chemicals and from possible infections and illness. After all, gunk and grime can be nasty. Gloves also increase your grip to make it safer to do most chores.

Ready to start cleaning your kitchen? TruFusion offers a wide array of products that are uniquely formulated to help DIYers tackle common drain issues without having to call in a plumber. Whether you need to wipe off grease or break through the toughest clogs, TruFusion has pro-grade products to get the job done.