5 Quick Ways to Unclog Drains

5 Quick Ways to Unclog Drains

5 Quick Ways to Unclog Drains

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Drains are clog magnets! This is an unfortunate reality that any homeowner has to face. The good news is that there are proper remedies for this problem, and knowing them can help you avoid unnecessary emergencies due to backed up lines. A good sink drain cleaner product is available in the market if you know where to look. But in the absence of a drain opener, here are 5 quick ways to help you remove drain clogs and restore the function of your pipes:

1. Whip out your drain snake.
The drain snake is an old piece of drain clearing technology that can work wonders for your clogged pipes. These are long, flexible, and maneuverable metal ropes that come with a metal spiral right at the end. They help reach into the insides of your drain pipes and dislodge or loosen tough clogs in the process.

Don’t have one? No worries. A good alternative to the drain snake is a bent wire hanger, which can be just as effective as an actual drain snake. If you have a clogged drain emergency and no drain snake is insight, you can simply take a wire hanger and fashion it into a makeshift unclogger. Straighten the hanger out best you can and bend one end to make a small hook—just enough to fit into your drain and its bends. Push the bent end into the drain, past the cover and begin fishing for hair and other buildups. This way, you get to pull gunk out instead of pushing it further into your pipeline.

2. Use the old baking-soda-and-vinegar trick.
Mixing one-part baking soda and one-part vinegar into a cup and pouring it down your clogged drain can likewise be an effective clog remover. The mixture will immediately fizz and the chemical reaction will help soften build-up in your drain pipe.

The fizzing action from the mixture can effectively remove different types of gunk and grime that’s catching debris and causing clogs in your pipes. Let the mixture sit for an hour or overnight, if possible and flush your drain with hot water after.

3. Pour boiling water down your pipes.
Clearing a clogged drain doesn’t get easier than simply pouring water down your pipeline. Very hot water can be effective in softening clogs enough for grease, grime, and debris to loosen up and restore the smooth flow of your drain pipes. Let it work its magic and count enough time in between pours to help it dissolve gunk more effectively.

4. Clean your pipes.
Sometimes, you have to get down under your sink and clean the pipes manually, especially when clogs way down deep the U-trap. Simply loosen the nuts on both ends of the U-pipe so that you can empty its contents into a bucket that should sit ready underneath so as to avoid spills and drips from the open drain. Fish debris from inside the trap and clean and rinse the pipe before putting it back its original place.

5. Use caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) to dissolve clogs.
Caustic soda can likewise be effective in dissolving stubborn clogs in your pipes. However, caution should be practiced when handling sodium hydroxide as it can cause pretty serious chemical burns when care isn’t observed.

Three cups of sodium hydroxide mixed with a three-quarter gallon of cold water and poured into your clogged drain can effectively clear clogs by dissolving gunk and grime buildup.

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