4 Common Causes of a Clogged Shower Drain

4 Common Causes of a Clogged Shower Drain

4 Common Causes of a Clogged Shower Drain

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Shower drain clogs can be an annoying problem to have in the bathroom, especially when it becomes a chronic issue you find yourself having to deal with every day. When you experience standing water in the shower, finding the right shower drain cleaner to is important so you can free loosen the grime and debris that might be causing the clog. Here are some of the most common reasons why shower drains get clogged:

    1. Hair – Fallen strands of hair due to natural shedding are common culprits for shower drain clogs. Dead skin cells also get sloughed off the skin with each bathing session—in fact, millions of dead skin cells along with fallen hair stick to the walls of your shower’s drain pipe. Over time, they build up and block the free flow of water down your drain. Installing a shower drain hair catcher is a good defense against this common drain problem. However, a shower drain hair catcher may still miss strands of hair escaping through its mesh or holes, along with tiny particles that can still choke drains. This is why it is still important to keep a shower drain cleaner on the ready to quickly remedy your standing water problem.


    1. Soap scum – Another common cause for clogged shower drains are little bits of soap deposits that stick to pipe walls and allow other particles to collect and build up. Pouring hot water down your shower drain at least every week can help you avoid this problem.


    1. Trash – Small pieces of trash can accidentally go down your shower drain. From razor covers to toothpaste caps, shampoo tops, and other little items that you might fumble with while taking a shower, these small pieces of trash can get dislodged in your pipelines and cause clogging. Getting rid of them may require more work than just pouring shower drain cleaner down your pipes.


    1. Mineral deposits – Hard water contains mineral deposits and other micro solids, which can likewise stick on the walls of your drain pipes. Without regular cleaning, these deposits will build-up and cause stubborn and hard to remove clogs on your drain. Water softening agents in addition to the right shower drain cleaner can be used to remedy this problem.


Clogged shower drains are pretty easy to fix if you have the right tools and products. The key is knowing what’s causing the back-up so you can apply the right solution and free your pipes from clogs.